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Official 1st Flight Lesson

Chicago Aerial Torus has a long history of flight instruction. Most of our pilots a FAA Certified Flight Instructors (CFI), and with this fun flight service we can put you the passenger at the controls.

This flight lesson is a perfect gift for the aviation enthusiast. We can modify the flight to include a tour as well but with you at the controls.

A passenger is welcome on the flight!

Chicago Aerial Tours is not just a tour business; we are a branch of the Chicago Aviation Academy.

We have over a decade of experience in flight training and hundreds of graduated students.

1st Official Flight Lesson is a special product we have decided to offer on our tour website. It is designed to give a special experience to someone seeking a tour and who is an aviation enthusiast.

This 1st Official Private Pilot Lesson includes:

  • One on One private lesson with a CFI (Certified Flight Instructor) a CFI is a commercial pilot who has gone a step beyond their commercial license and has been certified to teach new pilots seeking any pilot license (Private to Commercial).
  • Information on what it takes for you to get your license.
  • Aircraft and theory information required for flying an airplane.
  • Pre-flight of the aircraft, explaining systems and controls.
  • Approximately 1 hour flight with you at the controls and an instructor in the copilot's seat coaching you on flying. Generally the student does about 90% of the flying.

This is an AIRPLANE Flight

Approximate time in airplane from engine start to engine shutdown varies, it is approximately anywhere from 30 minutes to 70 minutes and sometimes more than 70 minutes. This includes ground taxi, engine run up, takeoff, actual flight time, landing, taxi back to terminal parking, and air traffic control deviations!