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Flying at Chicago Midway Airport:

Q: Isn't Midway Airport too busy for flight training?

A: The fact is that Chicago Midway is one of the busiest airports of its Class (Class C Airspace) in the World, in fact it is approximately the 14th busiest airport in the World. The level of experience gained from learning at an airport of this caliber can only be learned through years of flying experience at busy airports. Here at Chicago Midway Airport you learn to deal with this level of professionalism from the beginning. So if you are truly dedicated and really want to learn in one of the most professional flight training environments in the world, Chicago Midway Airport is it. Learning how to fly out of Midway will enable you to fly to any airport in the world without fear.

Q: Because Midway is so busy will it take me much longer to finish training.

A: The answered is NO! First, here at Midway there are a total of 5 runways. The majority of the flights at Midway use only 2 of the 5 runways, drastically reducing the traffic using the remaining 3 parallel runways. Secondly, we have very little wait time on the ground, because of the extra parallel runways available to us; in addition our parking position is almost at the center of the air field (the control tower tie down area) therefore we can get to any of the 5 runways easily. Third, statistically our students finish their flight training in the same amount of time a prescribed by the national average statistics. The fact is that we do not cut corners to meet better than average statistics; we at Midway Aviators feel that we have to customize our training to make each individual pilot a SAFE and well knowledge pilot. "What ever it takes!"

Q: Doesn't it take more time to get the practice area flying out of Midway, and will it cost me more money because of that.

A: "Speaking as an experienced FAA Certified Flight Instructor with thousands of flight hours of experience in dozens of aircraft. If you find your self asking this question or are in the frame of mind that training begins at the practice area, where ever that might be, I strongly recommend that you reevaluate your desire to become a pilot! Please understand that learning how to fly an airplane (the flight lesson) begins before you even see the plane. There are so many things that you need to learn just getting to the flight practice area.


Flight Training:

Q: Is learning to fly hard?

A: Learning how to fly is not that hard.  Just about anyone can do it. Just like anything else, if you study you should be just fine.

Q: Is learning to fly dangerous?

A: Flying is safer than just about any form of transportation.  

Q: When can I start my flight training?

A: Give us a call and schedule your first flight lesson.  We might even have an opening today if its not too late.

Q: What is an introductory flight?

A: An introductory flight is your very first flight lesson. You will get to fly the airplane or helicopter for most of the flight.  This time also counts towards your Private Pilots License.

Q: If i get my pilots license in an airplane can i also fly a helicopter?

A: No, helicopters are not the same as airplanes.  You will need training in the helicopter before you can fly it.

Q: Does it matter if i wear glasses?

A: No, you can still fly.  Most people these days wear glasses or contacts.